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Digital variometer SSDV12

Digital variometer SSDV12 is currently beeing developed using Soft-Sensor technology to achieve higher-quality climb / descent rate measurement at lower-cost. This is achieved by filtering and combining data provided by multiple sensors.

A variometer, also known as a rate of climb and descent Indicator (RCDI), rate-of-climb indicator, vertical speed indicator (VSI), or vertical velocity indicator (VVI)) is one of the flight instruments in an aircraft used to inform the pilot of the near instantaneous (rather than averaged) rate of descent or climb (Source and more: Wikipedia: Variometer).

The SSDV12 Digital variometer is targeted for paragliders pilots, it's low price increases its availability and thus the improves the pilot safety.

Soft-Sensor is a start-up project focused on providing reliable and affordable advanced controls functonality. We are actively looking for potential clients and are open for a wide range of projects, ranging from estimation, through fault detection to control. The work is led by Rafal Noga who has been working on advanced non-linear control solutions for process industry since 2007. In his realisations of Model Predictive Control and Moving Horizon Estimation, Rafal has been applying non-linear first principles models and tailored optimization algorithms.

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